Jobanpreet Singh


Jobanpreet singh is a budding film star of the Pollywood (Punjab) film industry. His recent appearances have been in high profile Hollywood, Bollywood and Pollywood films such as The Black Prince, Dangal, Rupinder Gandhi-2 and Kande. He will also seen in a brief but very important role in the upcoming Hollywood film Barefoot Warriors.His Real passion and goal is to first make it big in his native Pollywood film industry as he readies himself to tackle leading roles in two soon to be announced major Punjabi films. Jobanpreet’s journey into the film industry came through his love for theater that he developed via his recruitment into Punjab Police. His popularity soon grew across Punjab as an actor that eventually lead him to burgeoning Punjabi Film industry. For Jobanpreet, sports, physical fitness and his craft are very much the core of his daily regiment as he prepares to climb the ladder of stardom in a growing and very competitive Pollywood film industry. Jobanpreet Singh keeps himself busy as a casting director and line producer , having these tasks on several major productions.


Movie Name Release Date
Saak April 22, 2024