Miguel Cirillo


It takes its first steps in the world of television, having been welcomed by TVI. The actor reported that the opportunity appeared “due to a request from an acquaintance of mine who works for Plural Entertainment Portugal SA”. After participating in the first season of “A Única Mulher”, with an assistant role of António Lucena, played by the actor Pedro Carmo, got a place in the cast of “A Impostora”, where he played Agent Vítor. Cirillo assured that “it was one of my biggest dreams come true, and soon in a leading audience novel at the national level.” He had a year of interpretation classes at the AMA school in Lisbon where the only previous experience had been school theater, Miguel Cirillo, who studied Sistemas Informáticos, assured that “this was the best phase to realize this dream”. The opportunities in Gaiense’s life did not stop here.


Movie Name Release Date
War July 17, 2024